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Accounting Link Cloud Requirements

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What are the system requirement for Accounting Link to work in a cloud environment?



Below is the information requested regarding the installation requirements for Accounting Link in a cloud (or remote server) environment.


Accounting Link will need to be installed on the same PC/Server as the user's QuickBooks. The default locations of Accounting Link's components on this computer are:


C:\Program Files (x86)\TBOffice



Each of these locations will must provide the user with Full Control on the folders and subfolders.


The database by default resides in the C:\ProgramData location, but can be moved to another location as long as the same permissions are granted in that location.


The point of sale data will be downloaded from our domain *.backofficellcapi.com.


If you would like to run the installation file, we can provide a dropbox link to download and run it. If we have already provided that link, we will still need to register and unlock Accounting Link, as well as set up the connections to the downloaded data and the user's QuickBooks.


If the user accesses QuickBooks via a mapped icon on the desktop, please also create a similar mapped icon for Accounting Link that will access the Accounting Link program on your hosted PC/server.

In addition, we would like access to the database folder in case we need to troubleshoot the data. Please make sure a folder is setup with sufficient permission to grant us this access under any users accessing our program.


System requirements: Windows 7 or later, Microsoft.NET Framework 4.7.



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