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Daily Sales Reports


The "Daily Sales Reports" is an application developed by The Back Office for use by ANY NAPA TRACS user.  It allows for printing of up to 6 end of day reports for any date range.

System Requirements

  • This program will only work on computers that have a working copy of NAPA TRACS loaded.
  • This program is FREE to ANY NAPA TRACS user.  
  • It does require that you "Activate" it before it can be used.  Activation is needed for our update notification process to alert you when new updates become available.


Version Date Install File Name Comment
1.0.17 02/19/2014 Install_TRACSDailyReportsV01.00.17.exe Fix: Daily Summary Report calculation of Sublet and Charge sales.
1.0.16 11/07/2013 Install_TRACSDailyReportsV01.00.16.exe  

Install Instructions

  1. Click and download the "Install File Name" listed above to download the install
  2. Click and Run the install file once downloaded.  Accept the license agreement and click next through all of the installers prompts. 

Activation Codes

When you run the program the first time you will be prompted to "Activate" the program.  Following is list of Activation Codes. Please use the Activation Code next to your NAPA TRACS Rep.  Click here for step by step Activation Instructions.


Allen, Bill 80250-3010-399DF-F05F9-4B2C6-34042
Alexander, Gregory 80227-3010-E4D5D-7A4EB-A5E5D-A2FFB
Amerson, Shawn 80221-3010-DD038-CF878-0EC81-EAB53
Anderson, John 80260-3010-3C783-0DC02-3B0B5-A9780
Barberio, Michael 80243-3010-8DBC8-06B47-B370B-23615
Benson, Jake 80220-3010-37C5B-6C057-9F183-EB8ED
Bieker, Mick 80230-3010-C77C5-B05A8-F82B7-79E84
Bridges, Paul 80234-3010-42850-8E3D9-FFB00-D2E66
Carley, Ed 80217-3010-596D3-00F33-08415-5C049
Chilcutt, Chris 80225-3010-371DE-07A25-7B1AE-3FE43
Compton, Steve 80249-3010-7CFC2-B83F7-2DF41-93FDC
Conn, Wayne 80211-3010-580C3-5CD80-9DF2F-19E7A
Cotard, Gaddy 80261-3010-36981-91970-EDF58-17ABB
Draper, Darrel 80231-3010-49D39-8C41D-4D4D1-63F07
Edwards, Bob 80208-3010-86364-C97A8-DD271-8117E
Foust, Tom 80238-3010-4E9D1-B6FB3-0A85E-7E861
Gilb, Andy 80236-3010-B22A4-7A9B2-2EF21-F7F9C
Greenwald, Al 80229-3010-A5ACB-D02A8-2BBAA-54232
Harbour, Allan 80244-3010-028CC-2C210-99BFC-ABB6C
Hess, Randy 80226-3010-6429A-4BD63-C67D6-116A1
Jensen, Rick 80224-3010-ADCC1-846CC-A0C74-A9F68
Jorgenson, Ken 80206-3010-15762-25F19-B6497-1874D
Kleber, Jaron 80256-3010-CBF0C-BB89F-180D6-9B31A
Lombard, Manuel 80223-3010-2ADED-1F5ED-55DE5-2BFA7
McClelland, Jim 80209-3010-9444C-E5094-E900D-3CBA3
Montelongo, JR 80202-3010-B981D-E9AE2-45EC1-3DDB5
Nevill, Warren 80218-3010-2A630-72E6F-66B58-6E78A
Petitte, Bob 80258-3010-307C4-94374-96E22-2D1E9
Presson, John 80210-3010-597CD-C7280-C7EE7-27CB6
Quattrociocchi, Andrew 80205-3010-870B7-5AD4B-19F84-70BEA
Rahman, Ken 80251-3010-D9D59-64D69-E508A-458A0
Ray, Mike 80247-3010-40970-3FB01-7E827-22C70
Reinholt, Scott 80248-3010-483B1-E6292-FD8B2-89301​
Renzi, Daryl 80203-3010-F3DE1-20C78-136BB-BA4FB
Roberts, Haley 80259-3010-A9884-2A024-06535-D422F
Santiago, Leo 80255-3010-A6E63-DE6B3-95C2F-942A2
Schmidt, Dewey 80215-3010-EC817-3DEAE-98D13-27982
Smith, Jeff 80253-3010-A60BB-F9324-50247-642D2
Stone, David 80242-3010-7A2F3-8DEBE-A2705-D5CD8
Tiernan, Bill 80232-3010-4EB4D-206A0-5C2C9-CF896
Waddell, Drew 80252-3010-25DB2-24090-CEB4A-0B220
White, Rance 80254-3010-D8756-3AD2B-48090-6F1E6
White, Stu 80207-3010-E701C-868F0-6773E-5474B
Zezatti , Sam 80241-3010-4138E-474D9-01EBA-52730
NAPA TRACS Corporate 80200-3010-51B57-87E07-48D2E-8B7D3

How to Use

Following is a screenshot of the Daily Reports Program with some details on how to use the program.




  1. Using the checkbox to the left of the report name, check the reports you want to include.  All the reports you have selected when you click on print will be combined into a single report with multiple pages.
  2. In the upper right select a date range.
  3. Click on the Print button.  It will drop down and give you the option to "Print" to your printer, "Preview" to your screen OR "PDF" to export the reports to a pdf document and open it with your default pdf viewer.

**Your selection in the program as well as the position of the program on the screen will be saved when you close the program.

Screen Shots

Main Screen            Daily Summary Report            Sales Detail Report            Payments Detail            Purchase Order Detail            Other Charge Detail            Adjustment Detail

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