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Customer Not Displayed in Search List, Cannot Find Customer

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When a user is entering a membership number and attempting to assign it to a customer that exists in the shop management software, a Customer Search screen appears. A user may enter part of the customer's last name and click search, but the name may not show on the selection box.


To resolve the issue, one of the two following issues is occurring.


1 - Verify the screen resolution is not preventing the customer name from being displayed.

  • If the screen resolution is not set to standard settings, the name may be appearing at the bottom of the displayed list, yet not be viewable on the screen. 
  • Try searching for less or more of the name, to change how many search results are displayed.


2 - The customer may have already been assigned a Royalty Rewards membership number.

  • Once a membership number is assigned to a customer, the customer's name will no longer appear in the search list.
  • Go to Help, Maintenance and see if the customer name appears in the list.
  • If the name already appears in this list, the additional membership number must be added.

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