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How To Process a Promo Code


The Royalty Rewards membership number must be assigned to the correct customer in the Royalty Rewards program in order for the customer to earn points on work that is performed or to use a promo code. This membership assignment occurs when adding a new Royalty Rewards customer to your system or when associating a Royalty Rewards membership number to a customer for the first time.


When a customer comes in with a promo code, the promo must be associated with a repair order in order for the information to be uploaded to Royalty Rewards. This association enables you to track which campaigns are successful and which customers are taking advantage of the programs you offer.


To Process a Promo Code for a Royalty Rewards Customer


Please note: You must have assigned the Membership # with a customer FIRST, prior to processing a promo code. You cannot process a Promo Code without first going through the assignment process separately.



Please click to watch the video or follow the steps below.


1. Open the Royalty Rewards program by double clicking on the following icon on your desktop.


RR icon.PNG


2. Key in or scan the Membership # and Promo Code (both are included on the post card the Customer receives).


RR main screen with memb and promo.PNG


3. Hit enter. The following screen will appear.


RO serach.PNG


You can see that the Membership # automatically pulls up the customer "Smith, Brad." Because Brad does not have an open Repair Order in the shop management software, no Repair Orders are displayed. However, if the box "Show Closed Repair Orders" in the upper left corner is selected, we will be able to see all Repair Orders that have been entered and closed for Brad Smith, as shown below.


Note: If the customer wants to use the Promo Code on a new job, the Repair Order must have been started in the shop management software. It does not have to have any parts or labor on it, it just needs to have been started.


RO search2.PNG


4. We will assume that Brad wants to apply his Promo Code to the last RO he had on 01/28/14, #0053350. To select a Repair Order, double click on it. The following screen will appear.


RO selected.PNG


5. If the Birthday or Anniversary date need to be changed, you may make a change it or add it to this screen. Click Save.


Note: If the customer decides as you are selecting this repair order for the Promo Code that he would rather apply it to a different repair order or you realize you chose the wrong repair order, simply click 'Undo' and start over.


You have successfully selected a Repair Order and associated it with the Promo Code the customer brought in!


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