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How to Add an Additional Customer to an Existing Royalty Rewards Member

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In Royalty Rewards, a Royalty Rewards membership number is assigned to a specific customer when become a Royalty Rewards member and start using the service. In some cases, multiple customers may be associated with a single membership number from the shop management system.


For example, if John Smith has a Royalty Rewards membership, but his son does not, John may want his sons repair orders to be associated with his Royalty Rewards membership so that he can earn points from his son's activity. If John and his son have separate accounts in the shop management system, we need to associate John's son's account with John's Royalty Rewards membership number.




Please watch the video or follow the steps below.


Step 1: Open the Royalty Rewards program by double clicking the icon shown below on your desktop.


RR icon2.PNG

Royalty Rewards will open to the main screen.


Step 2: Click on Help and select Maintenance.




The following screen will appear.


john smith1.PNG


Step 3: Double click on the customer to whom you would like to add an Additional Customer.


For this example, we will choose John Smith. The following window will appear.


john smith 1a.PNG


Step 4: Click on the Additional Customers tab as shown below.


addl cust 1.PNG


Step 5: Click Add.


A customer search box will appear. Type part of the additional customer's name in the Customer Name box and clicks Search. For this example, we will search for Adrian Smith.


addl cust 2.PNG

A list of possible customers will appear.


addl cust3.PNG 

Step 6: Double click on the customer you wish to add.


addl cust4.PNG


 Step 7: Click the red X to return to Customer Maintenance.


john smith ann 3.PNG


The Additional Customer has been added to the primary customer's membership number. Click the red X to return to the main screen.


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