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How to Assign a Membership # to a Customer


The Royalty Rewards membership number must be assigned to the correct customer in the Royalty Rewards program in order for the customer to earn points on work that is performed or to use a promo code. This membership assignment occurs when adding a new Royalty Rewards customer to your system or when associating a Royalty Rewards membership number to a customer for the first time.


To add or assign a new Royalty Rewards membership with an existing customer:



Follow the steps below or watch this video.


1. Open the Royalty Rewards program by double clicking on the following icon on your desktop.


RR icon.PNG


2. The following screen will appear. 

RR main screen.PNG


3. Key in the Membership # by scanning the customer's card or by typing the number in as shown below.


RR main screed with membership.PNG


4. Hit Enter. The following screen will appear.


customer search.PNG


5. Begin typing the customer's last name in to the Customer Name field and then click Search. For this example, "Smith" was entered. The following window will appear.


Note: The customer must exist in your shop management software. If the customer has not been setup in your shop management software, Cancel this search, set the customer up in the shop management software and return to the Royalty Rewards program to associate the membership.


customer search2.PNG


6. Double click on the correct customer that you wish to associate with the Membership ID # you entered. For this example, we will use Brad Smith. The following window will appear.


customer searchh3.PNG


7. Type in the Birthday and Anniversary dates if known. Click Save.


You have successfully associated the Membership # with your customer! 


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