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How to Change a Customer's Begin Date

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In Royalty Rewards, the customer's begin date is automatically assigned as the date when you first assign the Royalty Rewards membership number to that customer. In some cases, you may want to change the begin date to an earlier date in order to include previous repair orders and enable your customer to earn points on those repair orders.




Please click to watch video or follow the steps below.


Step 1: Open the Royalty Rewards program by double clicking the icon shown below on your desktop.


RR icon2.PNG

Royalty Rewards will open to the main screen.


Step 2: Click on Help and select Maintenance.




The following screen will appear.


john smith1.PNG


Step 3: Double click on the customer whose Begin Date you would like to adjust.


For this example, we will choose John Smith. The following window will appear.


john smith 1a.PNG


Step 4: Change the Begin Date to the date desired.


john smith2.PNG


Step 5: Click the red X to close the Customer Maintenance window.


john smith3.PNG


The Begin Date has changed to the desired date. Click the red X to return to the main screen.


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