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Accounting Link for Mitchell1 - Quick Reference Guide - no Deposit


Welcome to the Accounting Link Quick Reference Guide!


In this Guide, you will learn the basic steps involved in using Accounting Link.  Daily transaction processing in Accounting Link is as simple as following steps 1 and 2.  By verifying figures and stepping through the process one step at a time, you can be certain that the figures you are exporting to your accounting software are complete and accurate.


Relax and enjoy yourself!  You are going to see how quickly and easily you can transfer your accounting information from Mitchell to your accounting software.

Before You Begin

Before you begin the verification process, gather the following documentation for each of the dates you'd like to process:


  • The Sales Receipts Summary report in Mitchell1
    • Go to Reports on main screen
    • Select Accounting
    • Select Sales Receipts Summary from the list of reports available
    • Click Print
    • Change the begin and end dates to match the date you are processing
    • Click OK
  • The credit card machine batch totals (printed when the machine is closed at end of day) 
  • Supplier invoices (for any purchase orders that were received and closed on that date)


Once you have gathered the above documents, go ahead and double click on the Accounting Link and enter your password into the security check window.  The default password is simply “password”.  Now you are ready to start with Step 1.


Daily Transaction Processing

Step 1: Summary



mit sum.png

If you have multiple stores to process, select a store from the drop down menu in the upper right corner. 

Select the date you would like to process from those listed in the “New Activity” box in the upper left  corner by clicking on it once to make it bold and click Process. 


Verify the information that was pulled over from Mitchell1:


  • The Total Sales w/Tax should match the Invoice Total shown on the Sales Receipts Summary report from Mitchell1
  • The credit card totals should match the totals shown on the credit card machine batch slips. 
  • If an amount appears in AP Invoices, click on Print Payables to view the individual invoice information.  If there appears to be a discrepancy, click on the invoice link to make corrections.


You may print a Daily Summary report by clicking on the Print icon in the lower right corner.  This report is useful for audit purposes.



Step 2: Export

One more click and you are done!  You have already verified all of the information in this tab. The items are selected and ready for export, so all you have to do is click Export.



mit exp.png 


After a few moments of processing, the screen will empty, indicating the information has been pushed to your accounting software.


If you have multiple stores, only one day is processed at a time, per store.

We are here if you need help!


Remember, if you have any questions, we are only a phone call, email, or chat away!


Remember, if you have any questions, we are only a phone call, email, or chat away!


Visit us at www.TBOHelp.com.  From here you can create a case, email, or chat us.


Also, you may call for help at 866-964-9699 option 2.


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