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DataLink - Update RO2

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  • Verify Customer has Licenses - Check the account in salesforce for licenses.  If a license does not exist you will need to request one be created.



  • View License -  Key points to verify for accuracy:
    • POS 
    • SMS
    • Product (must be DataLink) 
    • License_Number (Make sure populated, new licenses take up to two minutes to populate)
    • Location - Verify the correct Location License and that you are logging into that location. This is VERY important. It is very important to activate the correct DataLink license for the correct location.




  • Once Logged in with Customer Verify you are on POS host PC. 
    • Do the POS and SMS match the license?  If not, STOP! and have the License modified to current customer POS and SMS.

RO2 - Start Menu>R.O. Writer>Server Utilities

  • We need the Server and Database information shown below (Note: If Server Utilities is not on the PC, you are not on the Server. Also, if the PC name does not match the Server name, you are not on the Server. We must be on the data server\host to install DataLink).

RO2 server utilities.PNG


  • Transfer current Install of DataLink to C:\ProgramData\TBOffice\Installs
    • The install exe may be initially transferred to the desktop or Documents and moved to the path above. DO NOT leave it anywhere other than the path above.
    • The install is found on DropBox in My Current Versions\DataLink
    • The C:\Programdata\TBOffice\Installs path must be created.
  • Go to toolbar, right click, select task manager.
    • Click More Details
    • Click the Services tab on far right.
    • Click Open Services along bottom edge
    • In the Services window, click the letter "T" to take you to TBO DataLink Guardian Service and TBO DataLink Service
      • Click on each service and click "Stop" on the left to stop the service
  • Go to C:\Programdata\TBOffice\DataLink\Cache
    • Select all items in the folder and delete them
  • Run Install.
  • As soon as install is finished running, a pop up box will appear in lower right corner, click on it. This opens to Settings.
    • If you miss the pop up, go to DataLink in system tray.
    • Right click on icon and select settings


DL setting.PNG




  • Verify Connection Info: DataLink will automatically pre-fill some information within the Connection Info section, we verify and complete it.
    • ServerName\SqlInstance - verify to information from Server Utilities
    • DatabaseName - verify to information from Server Utilities
    • ShopID - We must supply the CIM in the ShopID field. This can be found/confirmed by going to Help>About>Display License (the CIM may also be on the account within Salesforce):


dl ro2.PNG


help about display license.PNG


display license detail.PNG



  • Verify Database Path is correct, Number of Months is correct, POS and SMS is correct.
  • Press the Test button
    • Verify Test Successful - If test is not successful, note error or reason given. Check Error Log for information.

                          DL ro2 2.PNG 


  • Click OK and close DataLink.
  • Go to C:\ProgramData\TBOffice\DataLink\Cache.
    • There should be one line beginning with a G.
  • Go back to the Services and restart them.
  • Go back to the Cache folder.
    • The folder should have a group of files beginning with G, N and T. Once you see one or two files that begin with T (these are transaction files), we know data is uploading.
  • Let the person requesting the install know that the install is complete.


Alternatively, if you have access:

  • Verify Invoice and Payment info using Sandbox Web Tool. (https://sandbox.backofficellcapi.com...licensenumber=
    • Look for TYPE: Invoice and Payment 
    • Verify LASTTRANSACTIONDATE is recent then copy and paste Invoice info to salesforce worklog (example of Invoice info below).  If the user is new to the POS, there may not be any transactions yet, but there should still be GROUPS and NAMES uploaded.
      "Count": 1616.0,
      "FirstModifiedDate": "2016-12-01T17:19:36-05:00",
      "FirstTransactionDate": "2016-09-10T09:40:48-04:00",
      "LastModifiedDate": "2017-09-25T10:04:51-04:00",
      "LastTransactionDate": "2017-09-25T09:48:58-04:00",
      "Type": "Invoice"



  • In most cases will need to De-Activate Current License and get a new License created.
  • Once new licenses are ready follow Installation steps for install from above.



  • The database path will auto populate with a DEFAULT location and the PC name
  • If NOT Successful, it may just be that this DEFAULT path is wrong. For example, the ROWriter.mdb may be named Shop.mdb instead.
  • We may need to add a stronger password to the Settings file
  • This has be changed manually in the Settings file, located in C:\ProgramData\TBOffice\DataLink
    • NOTE: whenever making a change to Settings file, you have to Exit DataLink first (go to System Tray, right click, Exit). Make the desired change, Save settings file. Go to Program Files location and double click on DataLink.exe to restart.


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